Ihr Profi für Flughafentransfer

und Chauffeurservice


The company Transfer & Chauffeurservice Michael Hoerner is an owner-managed family company with headquarters in Solingen, North Rhine Westphalia.


From a young age, I was an avis driver. It all started with a small Bobbycar with trailer an then evolved further over bicycles, motorcycles and cars throught to 40t trucks.


The acquisition of different driving licences bacame a hobby, driving of motor vehocles for passion. Throught training and safety training, new skills are acquired and existing improved. Resulting from this passion out, I foundet the company Transfer & Chauffeurservice Michael Hoerner on 09.11.2009 with the aim to bring more of stlye, quality and service in the existing shuttle service area.


Togheter with my driver, I am enjoying my growing customer base and high customer satisfaction.


I like the personal contact with my clients and i am personally available to them at any time. It does not matter if you need more information or just want to know who you are dealing with. In your company or private i will you suprise, advice and ensure you mobility.


Your benefits at my company:


- always a personal contact


- always neatly dressed an polite drivers


- all vehickes are commercial approved, registered an insured


- all vehicles are fully Air Conditioned


- high level of service


- clean and easy procedures


... and you will always expect with a friendly smile.